Busy now, worth it later!

Over the past month, we have been working extremely hard to make our restaurant a great success! We have had 4 Taco Tuesdays, a couple Taco Mondays and one Taco Sunday. All of which have been amazing, thanks to the support of the Daegu community! We are extremely touched by the amount of people that have stopped by, and we hope to become Daegu’s best Mex! (Seriously though, we are working hard on perfecting everything about our restaurant! Both on our Spanish menu as well as our Mexican menu!)

From the first time we tried making tacos, to the current week, there have been a handful of major improvements! You would not believe the chaos in the kitchen the first time we made tacos…To be honest we don’t even want to relive that moment, because our kitchen was a complete mess! The kitchen was turned upside down, we couldn’t find any of the cooking utensils we needed, we didn’t know our right from left…it was terrible. Needless to say we learned quickly from those mistakes, and now we have systems in place that will allow us to serve Mexican food and Spanish food at the same time, without issue, as long as we both are doing our part in the kitchen. I would say we make a pretty amazing team!

While there have definitely been stressful and frustrating moments, I don’t know anyone else I would rather have all these moments with. Even after a rough day, we don’t let these things bring our relationship down, instead it has helped us learn more about how we handle ourselves in different stressful situations.

Here’s to more moments from good to crazy and everything in between!

Published by casabiancadaegu

We are Bianca and HyeongJin Kim. We live in Daegu, South Korea, where we run our own restaurant. Originally the restaurant started out only serving Spanish food, and now we have branched out to serving Mexican food as well! The reason for starting this blog is so that our friends and family can stay involved and see what we are doing. Our adventure together is just beginning, and we know we have a long and exciting road ahead of us!

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